Glencore's response to two recently published NGO reports12.06.20170,3 MB
Geotechnical failure at Katanga Mining Limited08.03.20160,0 MB
Response to Public Eye allegations28.11.20140,1 MB
Response to key findings and questions raised by Bread for All, the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and RAID17.06.20140,1 MB
Letter to Bread for All, Fastenopfer and RAID16.06.20144,4 MB
Response to Global Witness, September 201301.09.20130,1 MB
Merger of Mutanda and Kansuki operations25.07.20130,0 MB
Response to Global Witness02.05.20120,0 MB
Response to BBC's Panorama broadcast16.04.20120,3 MB

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