Glencore's response to two recently published NGO reports12.06.20170,3 MB
Glencore statement on PAX's Civil Society Under Threat Report11.10.20160,2 MB
Swiss Residents & Glencore Meeting17.05.20161,7 MB
Glencore’s response to ASK19.04.20160,1 MB
Response to PAX open Letter09.11.20150,1 MB
Stakeholder Engagement in Kolumbien02.06.20151,2 MB
Executive summary of Glencore's response to PAS/ASK's report on Glencore's activities at the Prodeco Group Coal Mine, Colombia20.04.20150,5 MB
Glencore's response to the 2015 Public Eye Nomination28.11.20140,1 MB
Letter to Pax Christie20.06.20140,3 MB
Response to PAX24.03.20140,5 MB
Glencore Response to BBC Panorama Broadcast16.04.20120,3 MB

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