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You’re working towards a more sustainable future.


There are significant ways we can all reduce our impact on the planet: recycling, using low-carbon public transport, driving an electric vehicle, buying second-hand, or simply drying our laundry in the sun.  

At Glencore, we work to help make life more sustainable. We do this by recycling discarded electronics and sourcing materials that are essential for low-carbon energy and transport. And we’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations in line with the Paris Agreement. 

Each of us can choose to make a contribution to a more sustainable future. As a business, Glencore is playing its part – just like you. Learn more and see what else connects us below. 

So are we.


What connects us:

Preventing waste
Recycling responsibly
Contributing to net zero
Reducing emissions
Valuing renewable energy



How we're sourcing a sustainable future:

Fighting child labour
Thinking in circles
Helping nature return
Putting safety first
Engaging with local communities
Tackling complex challenges
Acting on climate change
Reducing our carbon footprint
Sourcing and supplying responsibly
Increasing the proportion of green metals